Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Video Games Are EVIL!

We all know the reasons why.
  • They waste time.
  • They make kids lazy.
  • They kill your eyes... make you blind.
  • They make your brain stupid.
  • They distract you from homework.
  • They brainwash you.
  • They make you bums.
  • They don't put rice on the table.
  • They won't give you a job.

But, let's make something crystal clear. Video games are a HUGE. Money Making. Industry.

Suffice to say, these games tend to sell for $60+ USD per copy and we're talking 20+ million copies sold for each listed. That means these video games gross into the BILLIONS of United States DOLLARS. So.... yeah. They are NOT a waste of time. It's a billion dollar industry and is worth consideration of getting into.

More than that, video games are also being used in healthcare... for physical rehabilitation and even surgery. Pretty soon, it will become the single most disruptive force in just about any industry and level of higher learning.

If there is ANYTHING evil about video games, it's that it keeps kids indoors.... sitting on their butts, not being physically active. So, if there is ANY reason for the parents of Millennial Asians to be pissed off about their kids playing video games... the reason should be that video games rob their children from EXERCISE.


Otherwise, encourage Millennial Asians to pursue a CAREER in video games. If they love it so much, they might as well make a living from them!

Heck.... they'll probably make more money than me. And, I'm a doctor!


  1. Great post. I can relate. My son is a video game addict. However, he is also a straight "A" student. During the summer, he will be attending a video game camp at CSU Dominguez Hills where he will learn to develop and program his own video game. Hopefully, all the money we've spent on his XBOX1, PS3 and Wii will pay off... : )

    1. Hey... if he works for Google, Blizzard, etc... it will! I *still* play video games. It's worked out ;)

      So long as there is balance; it'll work out.