Hi Everyone,

My name is Ben Fung. I'm your typical Millennial Asian. Many classify me as Asian American; but quite honestly, I'm AMERICAN. Despite my identifying as American, what I perhaps identify with even more so is being raised within the framework of the Asian culture. Specifically, mine was Chinese/Taiwanese. However, I've discovered the near universal struggle of Millennial Asians whereby we try to please our elders (parents) and live "honorable" lives through pursuits of excellence in school and in work. Yet, despite all our efforts, we feel our lives are all but empty... meaningless.

We struggle. We have major conflicts with our parents. Our males are still seen by other cultures as weak and only useful for their brains. Our females are still seen as somewhat exotic or traditionally reserved, depending on the point of view. Anyone who identifies anywhere in between simply doesn't fit. While this is changing in great waves in the entertainment industry, the "rest of us" still struggle with the reality of life.

We are Millennial Asians... and we need a voice. More importantly, we need empowerment.

I hope you find this blog as a powerful encouragement to be who you are... and to be happy.


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