Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Brought Here, Raised There

One of the weirdest phenomenons I've see in the Asian communities is something regularly addressed in the TV show, Fresh Off The Boat, as well as by it's book author, Eddie Huang.

The phenomenon is this: Asian families move somewhere "West"... call it the US, Canada, whatever.

Then, they raise their children as if they were still in their country of origin.

AND, what is completely insane is this: While they are clear and quick to figure out how the local customs, foods, laws, economy, etc works in this now foreign land... they completely ignore stuff like how the academic system works or how it relates to the job market.

They keep on going, out of principle, along the same lines of success that would otherwise be relevant on their home countries back in Asian. HOWEVER, there is practically NOTHING relevant about the job market, how that relates to school, or even success... as it pertains to how things are "out West."

Now, it's not just the families that bring children "here." Even say, American born kiddos of Asian descent are corralled into this Asian mindset... a way of thinking and living where they are still raised, in effect, as if they were back in Asia.

The problem?! EVERYTHING. Everything about this has vast and very profound detrimental effects on these kids growing up in school, in the workplace, and in their social circles as Asian culture and "Western" culture have some of the most diametrically opposed values and ways of thinking.

The kids are made to feel that if they adopt local culture, they sell out to the motherland.

And, since they are so loyal to the motherland culture out of duty, they are weird in their own homeland.

This has GOT to stop.

If you brought them here, you must RAISE them here. IF you came to across the globe to a new country; retain your values, retain your culture -- BUT, do your earnest to also integrate into this new place you've CHOSEN as home.