Counter Cultural Empowerment

This blog is all about being Counter Cultural. To be blunt: The Asian culture has failed. The Millennial Asian is victim to archaic ways of thinking inherited from several generations of doing the same things the same ways for one reason: "just because." Just because it is the "_____ way." In doing so, we've failed.

Our heritage is strong but our culture is destructive. In fact, it is toxic. No one is happy. Everyone just labors in vain. Families are together but they are broken. Children feel no love from their parents. Parents deem nothing necessary except to hone their children into proud and honorable bragging rights.

The Asian culture has lost its way in making any significance within the human experience.

Given, while the heritage is truly valuable; the only way to empower ourselves now is to be Counter Cultural.

I mean to shake things up. I mean to say things that shock. I mean to go against the grain for one reason.


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